I needed a dresser.

At the time, I was working for someone who was into all the “new age” stuff that some people might call a little “woo woo.”  She’d just introduced me to “The Secret” and was all about the visualization ideas it proposed in attracting what you wanted/needed in your life.

I was into it, so I starting visualizing my future dresser. (haha)

I wanted it to be tall, semi-petite, simple. I wanted it to be made of wood, used–perhaps vintage–but definitely nice and clean and taken care of.  I wanted to make sure all the drawers opened and closed easily, that none of them were off the tracks or so wonky and stiff that I’d feel like I was in a shoving match when I wanted them closed.  If it wasn’t plain wood, the paint needed to be in good condition, because I didn’t want to have to fuss with all that.  And I wanted it to be at a good price point.

A couple weeks later, after all my visualizing, I was in an antique mall browsing around at all the different vendors’ sections.  When right away, there it was! Just the dresser I had hoped to find.

Successful visualizing? or mere coincidence? I suppose it didn’t really matter – but at the time I was thrilled that reality was matching up so well with I wanted and had pictured in my mind– and I really did believe that my visualizing had worked.

There was only one problem – the color.  Oops, hadn’t visualized that part of it very clearly had I?

It was black– hmmm, how drab.  But oh well, it was everything else I wanted – I could deal with the color.

Fast forward a few years later… and I couldn’t deal with the color! haha

But what color would I paint it? White? blah.  Try and strip all the paint to reveal the natural wood color? blah blah BLAH – that would be too much work!

Then I had a fun idea — graffiti it!

So my dresser went from looking like this:

(even Greta doesn’t like it)

to THIS:

John and I had fun going crazy with the spray paint, and I loved the way it turned out! Crazy neon colors (hot pink! ooo!) were just what I needed in my life. 🙂

So next time you’ve got a piece of boring old furniture that needs a makeover, that perfect piece of furniture you visualized isn’t so perfect afterall, OR you just need some spontaneity & PIZAZZ in your life, consider graffiti-ing it!

Hell if you don’t like it, you can just paint it again!

Leave a comment and tell me: what’s the craziest or most creative thing you’ve done to transform YOUR boring old furniture? I wanna know for future furniture “destroying” (er, reinventing) inspiration! 🙂