A portion of all sales is donated to non-profit organizations that are dedicated to helping animals.

Here are a couple of the organizations we support:


WWF Logo

World Wildlife Fund works to conserve nature, protect wildlife & restore species’ habitats.  Whether it’s elephants in Africa, creatures of the deep sea, or polar bears of the Arctic, WWF works to preserve the beautiful diversity of life on this planet.




Farm Sanctuary rescues neglected and mistreated farm animals, saving them from abuse & cruelty and giving them a second chance at life. Instead of having to endure inhumane living conditions in factory farms, these animals instead get to live out their lives peacefully at one of the organization’s compassion-filled sanctuaries.



We also like to engage in hands-on volunteer work.  Here’s a picture of Lia at a wildlife hospital/sanctuary in Greece helping a retired race horse that injured his leg.


helping a horse


So when you use our products feel good knowing you’re giving back too!