“When I wear NEROLI I feel like I’m a walking bouquet, just plucked!”

Christy W., Riverview, FL

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“My experience [with Stella Deer botanical perfumes] has been a very positive one–I keep it in my purse (so handy!) & apply periodically throughout the day–it makes me feel delicious!”


“I am addicted to Stella Deer!”


“I would highly recommend Stella Deer botanical perfume–I cannot imagine going back to the conventional, man-made scents.”


“Smelling nice is important to me–isn’t it for all us women? Well I have found THE best way to achieve that wish–Stella Deer botanical perfume!”


“I just can’t get enough Stella Deer, I always have to come back for more! Nothing compares.”


“Botanical [perfume] is SO much better than synthetic scent.”


HOWL is a delightful blend that hits all the right notes–not overpowering but quite lovely & nuanced.  I keep it with me at all times & I never fail to receive a compliment when I am wearing it!”


“I like the botanical perfume because it leaves out all of the harsh chemicals and leaves me with pure scent and effervescence.”


“Not overpowering the way so many perfumes are–people notice the scent & comment how good I smell but it is definitely not a perfume that leaves people wanting to escape from you if you happen to get on an elevator with them!”


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