bourbon watermelon slushie


I first got introduced to this fabulously refreshing drink one night when I came home and my roomie and a pal were sitting at the kitchen table having some drinks.

One was drinking beer and the other vino, but what intrigued me was a small bowl in the middle of them filled with watermelon that neither of them were eating, but instead just turning the pieces over every so often.

“What’s with the watermelon?” I asked.

“It’s soaking in bourbon,” they told me.

Ten minutes later when I returned to the kitchen after taking a shower there was a bourbon watermelon slushie waiting for me in the freezer. (more…)


It’s no secret that turmeric is one of my favorite spices. (I even made a very limited batch of turmeric soap once!)

It’s got beautiful color, amazing taste, and has indisputable anti-inflammatory benefits.

So next time you have some left-over rice, here’s an idea: turmeric fried rice.


Superhero Popcorn

Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks.  This all natural treat often tides me over in the late afternoon, when lunch is long digested but dinner’s still a ways off.  As a kid, for a fun night every couple months or so when my dad worked late, my mom and sister and I would have popcorn and sliced apples for dinner.  The combo of sweet and salty was just right! And I’ll admit…every once in a while when I find the pantry and refrigerator all but completely bare, I’ll even indulge in popcorn for breakfast!